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Wireless Communications Products
Motorola, Kenwood, Hytera, Cel-Fi, Sena, Sonim, Push-to-Talk
Our longstanding relationships with major wireless communications vendors are suffering from accessibility most advanced terminal and system infrastructure equipment. We’re going to source and supply the best equipment for your business and definately will provide reliable product advice based on usage, environment and price range.

- Two-Way portable and mobile radios
- Infrastructure, repeaters and antenna systems
- Full Duplex communications
- Push-to-Talk PoC Applications

OndaComms Business Solutions
Wireless Communications Solutions
Two-Way Radio, PoC, Cell phone Repeaters, GPS and Indoor Tracking
As specialists in wireless communications, Two-Way radio and PoC, we will take action for almost any as well as your company and project needs. Our service features a detailed analysis, comprehensive solution design, product and technology consultation, implementation and recurring support.

- Logistics and fleet solutions
- Local or widearea applications
- Single/multiple site solutions
- Inbuilding coverage
- Software programs, GPS, Inbuilding tracking and job management.
OndaComms Technical Services
Technical Services
System Design and Maintenance,
Consulting Services
We take great pride within our variety of technical services, such as system audits, reporting, management maintenance programs and solution design. In addition we offer consulting services for design advice, tender documentation, preparation and response evaluation.

- System maintenance management
- Two-Way radio and PoC terminal management
- Tender documentation writing
- Consulting services
- Auditing and Reporting
- Test and Tag
OndaComms Event Hire
Two-Way Radio Hire
Two-Way Radio Hire,
Event Communications Management
With experience in up-and-coming small to large scale communications hire and event communications management. We can assist your organization with short and long term terminal hire, frequency/channel hire and wide area network hire. Event equipment management and monitoring.

- Portable Two-Way radio hire
- Repeater/Frequency hire
- PoC Terminal Hire

Technical Services
Ondacomms offers full technical and consulting services, with a lot of year of expertise in Two-Way radio and wireless communication.
System design and maintainence, Terminal repairs, Technical documentation and system auditing.
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